Kari’s craftmanship is second to none! The mystique about Kari’s putters has not been embelished enough. The feel is amaaaazingly soft, I liken it to not simply butter soft, more so whipped butter soft! It did take me a couple of rounds to get my lag back (long, cold winter layoff). What I can say is that in years past speed control has never returned nearly so quick! The sound feedback I recieve is astonishing, it truly is near impossible to find the right analogies to describe the overall feedback attained from both feel and sound on Kari’s putters! Those who have taken the plunge into the world of KLP, no doubt, will agree and validate my thoughts.


I have collected a wide variety of putters over the years, from vintage Ping’s and BeNi’s and BeCu’s, through Odyssey’s, and oddish designs to Tour Yes examples and pretty much a trial with everything.

Kari was nice enough to release two of his current crop to me and there is no question to my stroke and eye these putters are the nicest looking and feeling flatsticks that I have ever rolled. Even at address the confidence you feel is amazing and the feel off the face is as pure as I have had the pleasure to experience. They are beautifully finished and are a complete package with the great head covers and great feeling grips Kari has chosen.

I for one can’t wait to see your next generation Kari, your work ethic is without blemish. Keep up the great work mate, cheers Steve!!